Intelligent Solutions

for you and your business.

E&I Department

  1. Development of Apps and Sites (Mockups, architecture, landings, etc)
  2. Native apps (MacOS X, IOS, Android)
  3. SEO, PR (Search engine optimization, Public relations)
  4. Rewriting, Rebuilding, Remake-upping in pages
  5. Mobile and Desktop optimisation
  6. Bots Development and Bots integration (Into Social networks or your own chats)
  7. Data & Data analize
  8. IT and Business consulting

If you didn't find in the list what you need, don't worry. Contact us and we will discuss about special offer.
We are always open for new projects and learning new technologies.

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Our company provide perfec look mockups, mobile and desktop optimizated web-sites or web-applications.
In the 21st century every business should have own web-site and we will help you to launch your project to the next level.
We provide you full support from the very beginnig and support after finishing work.

For all kinds of business:
Bars | Restaurants | Hotels | Private companies & etc

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Our team consists of 3 motivated, mastermind and involved people. Most of us with a high degree in computer science with in-depth knowledge in high math. Each of us has expiriense in research sphere. We work with fresh and powerful tools. We are open to learn something new every day.

What we usually use:

Languages: C/C++, Java, Ruby, Go-lang, Python2/Python3, Haskell, Lua
Web: Cloure/ClojureScript, CoffeeScript, Html5, Css3, Sass, Less, Ruby on Rails, BootStrap3/4
Data bases: SQL, Postgres, MongoDB
Other: Git, Docker, Terminal, Neural networks and Machine learning
OS: Linux (Arch, OpenBox, FreeBSD, Alpine), MacOS X

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