Intelligent Solutions

for you and your business.

Daniel Popov S.P.

  1. Project visualisation
  2. Branding (Logo development, color pallete, fonts and so on)
  3. Website Development (Mockups, architecture, landings, etc)
  4. Web Development (Microservices, web application, etc)
  5. SEO, PR (Search engine optimization, Public relations)
  6. Rewriting, Rebuilding, Remake-upping in pages
  7. Mobile and Desktop optimization
  8. IT and Business consulting

If you didn't find in the list what you need, don't worry.
Contact us and we will discuss special offer.
We are always open for new projects and learn new technologies.

verifyEmail :: (AuthRepo m)
            => VerificationCode -> m (Either EmailVerificationError ())
verifyEmail = setEmailAsVerified

login :: (AuthRepo m, SessionRepo m)
      => Auth -> m (Either LoginError SessionId)
login auth = runExceptT $ do
  result <- lift $ findUserByAuth auth
  case result of
    Nothing -> throwError LoginErrorInvalidAuth
    Just (_, False) -> throwError LoginErrorEmailNotVerified
    Just (uId, _) -> lift $ newSession uId

resolveSessionId :: (SessionRepo m) => SessionId -> m (Maybe UserId)
resolveSessionId = findUserIdBySessionId

getUser :: (AuthRepo m) => UserId -> m (Maybe Email)
getUser = findEmailFromUserId

Nowadays every business has a nice landing page. This is your face, visit card. Make the first step to modern way of promotion. We will help you to build uniq landing page. We provide business analytics and digital marketing as well.

For all kinds of business:
Bars | Restaurants | Hotels | Private companies & etc


Our team consists of 3 motivated, mastermind and involved people. Most of us with a high degree in computer science with in-depth knowledge in high math. Each of us has experience in research sphere. Our illustrators have perfect feeling of modern design. We work with fresh and powerful tools. We are open to learn something new every day.

What we usually use:

Languages: Golang, Rust, Python3, Haskell, EcmaScript5+, PHP
Web: Html5, Css3, JavaScript, BootStrap3/4, Django, Express, Gin
Data bases: Sqlite3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
Other: Git, Docker
OS: Linux (Arch, FreeBSD, Alpine), MacOS

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